About Doug Haynes Career

Doug HaynesAs an experienced consultant, Doug Haynes understands what an effective leader looks like. He has worked with many different organizations at all levels, both public and private. His ability to connect with others helps him establish positive working relationships with his team members, board members, and senior management. He believes that strong communication skills are key to any leadership role.

Doug Hayne’s role as President and Managing Partner of The Council combines his experience working across multiple industries, including finance, technology, healthcare, and manufacturing. Having spent the last 12 years of his career working exclusively within the financial sector, Doug will bring a wealth of knowledge and insight regarding best practices and innovation within asset management and investment firms.

Haynes’ engineering and software development background gave him the knowledge base required to get started in the business world. He completed his undergraduate studies at West Virginia University with an excellent GPA. After graduating, Haynes worked in several different roles in various companies. His interest in business led him to pursue graduate education at the Darden Graduate School of Management. At Darden, Haynes became fascinated with management consulting, an industry he hadn’t previously considered. While attending the Darden program, Haynes earned a scholarship to cover tuition costs.

After joining McKinsey, Doug Haynes built enriching relationships with many executive clients. He also got a chance to work on interesting projects with great colleagues. His experience made him appreciate what it meant to be part of this intellectually stimulating company. Haynes says he also gained insights from other community members by attending events and conferences worldwide. These experiences helped him grow personally and professionally.

Doug Haynes believes he has succeeded because of his father’s core beliefs. He remembers his father always reminding him that if you do the work, your accomplishments will come naturally. Haynes also says working with integrity is key. Integrity means living by certain standards and doing what’s right all the time.

Doug Haynes supports and cares about different nonprofits. He wants to help and give back to those who serve the country. His main motivation is to provide opportunities to people.