Doug Haynes

Doug HaynesDoug Haynes is the managing partner at the council advisors’ law firm and an adjunct business professor at the George Washington University Law School. In the past, he has worked for eleven years as an attorney representing companies and individuals in litigation, negotiation, counseling, and dispute resolution.

Doud Haynes has worked with many companies, including Google and Expedia, and was involved with licensing agreements and joint venture agreements, subject to negotiation. As a result, Doug has worked on many different types of contracts that provide services and products and can be used to protect intellectual property.

Doug Haynes has been involved in over 150 IP-related cases in his career. He is familiar with issues when dealing with associates, business partners, employees, investors, and clients. His experience in IP issues includes negotiations, licensing, patent infringement litigation, and U.S. District Court litigation.

Doug Haynes has been involved with three lawsuits, which are the subject of this article. While this article focuses on these cases, the information on how to become a lawyer will apply to various situations.

Doug Haynes has worked with several different philanthropic organizations throughout his time as an attorney. These organizations include the Washington Area Lawyers for the Arts Lawyer’s Committee for Civil Rights and Economic Justice and American Jewish World Service. The focus of Doug’s work with WALA was to bring together leaders in the arts and business to discuss current issues in the field along with how they can help create positive changes for a successful business.