Mirabaud: The Leading Bank For The Arts And Culture

Since 1819, Mirabaud has been a leading bank for the arts and culture. Supporting sustainable art is one of their top priorities, as they believe that it is essential to the future of our society. In this article, we will explore some of the bank’s initiatives to support sustainable art. We will also look at how the bank is helping to promote this important movement around the world.

One way that the bank promotes sustainable art is through its partnership with Artsy. This partnership allows the bank to help fund exhibitions and other initiatives that support sustainable art. In addition, the bank has also launched a new website called “Sustainable Art Bank”, which is dedicated to supporting this important movement. The website provides information on sustainable art and how to support it.

In addition to its work with Artsy, the bank supports sustainable art through its initiatives. One of these initiatives is the “Sustainable Art Award,” which is given to artists working to promote sustainability through their art. The award includes a cash prize and a residency at the Museum in Geneva.

Mirabaud is also a member of the Swiss Arts Council, an organization that promotes and supports the arts in Switzerland. As a council member, the bank helps fund various art projects and initiatives.

The bank has also been a long-time supporter of the Geneva International Film Festival. This festival promotes independent and sustainable cinema from around the world. In addition to their financial support, Mirabaud also helps to promote the festival through their marketing efforts.

The bank is doing a lot to support sustainable art and culture. Through their initiatives, they are helping to promote this important movement around the world. If you are interested in supporting sustainable art, be sure to check out the bank’s initiatives. You can also learn more about the movement by visiting the Sustainable Art Bank website. See this page for additional information.


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