New World Entertainment: A Story of Vision, Passion, and Creativity

From the very beginning of New World Inc. in the early 1980s, the company’s founder and CEO Randy Douthit, had a vision of how the company should grow and expand to other markets. He envisioned a different way of doing business, innovative and socially responsible. In the mid-1980s, Randy and his team started their company with a single production facility in Wyandanch, New York, later becoming the hub of all filmmaking operations under the New World Inc. banner. During this time, the company was producing a variety of programming, from news and sports to documentaries and feature films. However, one project stood out to Randy, which would later become the cornerstone of the company’s growth and creativity as a whole: The New World Film Company.

How Randy Came Up With The Idea Of the New World Film Company

Randy Douthit is widely acknowledged as one of the pioneers of independent film production and distribution. This can largely be attributed to his company’s unprecedented growth and expansion. Douthit’s idea of a film company was born out of his love for filmmaking and his passion for making quality films. New World was initially formed in 1981 and was named after a popular song by The Band. Randy Douthit’s dream was to have a distribution company that would give filmmakers a platform to showcase their work and to be able to distribute films to the public.

First Feature Film: “White Dog”

White Dog‘s production began in 1987 and was completed in 1988. The film was directed by Douthit, who also co-wrote the screenplay with Floyd Mutrux. The film stars Randy’s wife, Peggy Douthit, as the leading lady. White Dog was New World’s first feature film, released in 1988.

“The Sum of All Fears” – A Bridge Too Far?

The Eighth Day was released in 1991 and won many awards, including the National Film Award for Best Feature Film in Tamil. The film also features veteran actors like Sivaji Ganesan, Radha, and Nedumudi Venu. During the making of the film, New World decided to look at making films differently. They decided to look at the making of films from a completely different perspective and came up with the idea of making a film based on the “sum of all fears.” The Eighth Day is a film about terrorism and the effects that such acts of violence can have on society.

Randy DouthitFinal Words: New World’s Ongoing Journey Of Creativity And Innovation

New World has been around for over 30 years and has been a player in the independent film world for this entire time. The company has continued to produce quality films and has shown a commitment to creative endeavors that have changed the way people view the world. The company has created a solid and formidable brand through its production and distribution of films and continues to grow as an innovative player in the industry.