Rachel Nichols Successful Career Path In Sports Journalism

Nowadays, women are doing great in the sports sector, which people used to view as a male career. Whenever women are asked how they feel being in the sports sector, they lack explanation because they take it just like any other profession. It isn’t different from Rachel Nichols’s story: one of the renowned female iconic figures in sports and the world’s female voice. She is funny and confident to ask the international figures any questions, including the tough and tricky ones, as long as they are relevant.

Rachel Nichols career started at the Washington Post to CNN, and back to ESPN. She was entitled as an impactful and important female sports journalist by Sports Illustrated. The Hollywood Reporter also listed her among the top ten influential sports voices. Currently, Rachel Nichols is a host at ESPN’s Jump, a daily basketball show that focuses on enhancing NBA dialogue.

During an interview with a prominent sportswriter, Molly Knight, at the Los Angeles studio, Rachel Nichols said that she used to find sports fun during her childhood. However, Rachel Nichols knew she could not become a professional athlete. Nichols added that she used to attend sports events, and every time a new story used to happen. She also found narrating sports stories better than an office job and fun since they are unpredictable.

Rachel Nichols shared a lot about her career journey as a Sports Journalist. Nichols affirmed that she started as a hockey writer at Washington Post, covering Washington Capitals, and would attend each pre-game show for a segment. Rachel also noted that she became a TV reporter while still a newspaper reporter, significantly boosting her career as a TV reporter. TV immediacy is engaging as you recount a conversation in an enclosed room, and sometimes you only need to show a clip.

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More about Nichols on https://www.cnn.com/CNN/anchors_reporters/nichols.rachel.html