Sports Illustrated’s Monetization Plan Is Revamped by CEO Ross Levinsohn

Ross Levinsohn Prior to the introduction of the internet and its rapid rise in popularity, noteworthy print publication brands like Sports Illustrated and others drew a considerable amount of their revenue from print subscriptions and advertisements. However, the internet caused a shift in consumer preferences. Consumers enjoyed the convenience and immediate satisfaction that the internet provided, and this resulted in a shift away from print magazines and toward digital content. For Sports Illustrated, the brand initially approached this change in consumer preferences by producing a well-designed website. However, as the trend continued, it became clear to Sports Illustrated CEO Ross Levinsohn that more significant steps needed to be taken.

With a 40-year career to his name, Ross Levinsohn held numerous key roles before he took on the position of Sports Illustrated CEO. For example, some of his prior work at the executive leadership level has been with entities like Fox, Whisper Advisors, Guggenheim, Yahoo!, CBS Sportsline and more. When he served the media world as CEO for Maven Media, Levinsohn managed monetization strategies for more than 300 recognized brands. The Street with Jim Cramer is one of several brands that received an exciting boost from Levinsohn’s creativity and insight. To profit fully from The Street’s audience’s appetite for cryptocurrencies, he approached the matter by creating dedicated avenues of content that are now monetized by a separate paywall.

As the Sports Illustrated CEO, Levinsohn also introduced a separate paywall to elevate the brand’s monetization strategy. While new content was created for the paywall at The Street with Jim Cramer, Levinsohn decided to offer a new subscription level for Sports Illustrated’s new paywall. By offering early-release content through a premium subscription level, Levinsohn has been able to extract greater revenue from the brand’s digital presence.