The Next Chapter of Jonas Lauren Norr

Jonas Lauren Norr is an early-stage investor and deep technology and blockchain entrepreneur living in San Fransisco. He considers himself a fan of technology, entrepreneurship, and volunteering as stated on his website. Jonas Lauren Norr has an array of social media websites that proclaim his achievements in his career as an entrepreneur. Some of the 6 past jobs include positions such as a founding partner, chief global strategy officer, and director of business development. Ranging from 2008-2021, those jobs include Space Fund, Qoo Energy, Ligandal, and Intellicell Biosciences, just to name a few. Currently, he is co-founder and managing partner at Crypto Lotus, a blockchain company, and Gravity Ranch, which includes renewable energy and biotech. Jonas Lauren Norr is aimed at solving some of our world’s greatest problems with his vision about renewable energy.

Most recently, an article published by Newsfile spoke on the new position of Jonas Lauren Norr on the board of directors at Crest Resources Inc. With Norr’s previous experience and in relation to his company, Ethos Real Assets, the two companies formed a Memorandum of Understanding, or MOU, to enter into a joint venture. Their hope is to integrate technology with sourcing new mines to revolutionalize future ecosystems.

Ethos Real Assets is an early-stage investor and developer of forward-looking assets, says the Newsfile article. The focus of the company is to improve the social impact on the world with the newest innovations. Crest Resources Inc. is a mineral mining company based out of Canada, Peru, and also Australia. Crest Resources Inc. focuses on new ways of exploration of mineral mining. With the two companies combined, their vision of forward-looking optimism isn’t unscathed. Jonas Lauren Norr has had many accomplished positions in the companies he’s been a part of and may have the right combination with the MOU of these two companies.

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