Wes Edens' Involvement With New Fortress Energy

Chief Executive and Chairman of New Fortress Energy are positions held by Wes Edens. This company is noted for featuring advanced high performing methods and product designs in the energy field.

Sourcing is another attribute ranked high in New Fortress Energy. This is the process of selecting who will be supplying goods and services that will be necessary to run the business.

Additionally, Wes Edens also has the daunting responsibility of decision-making that vastly influences worldwide energy markets.

Not long ago, there was an agreement reached by some New Fortress Energy Leaders and Wes Edens to sell liquified natural infrastructure containers. This intricate business interaction resulted in trading 11 of the containers for about $2 Billion. This particular agreement was one that was between the New Fortress Energy company and another company created by New Fortress Energy in conjunction with Apollo Global Management Inc.

Unknown by many, business agreements are not usually 50/50 agreements.

Business partners do not invest as equal investors. In the current deal being discussed, 80% will of the necessary funds will be supplied by Apollo Global Management Inc. New Fortress Energy will own 20% of this shared business arrangement

One critical factor to consider when investing is how the existing debt impact’s the company’s finances. Another factor is scheduling. According to Wes Edens, agreements like this take time.

Wes Edens is putting a support system in place to ease the way for this new business. These supports will help with both the finances and the marine operations of this new business.