Customer Service Is the Name of the Game for Quattro Development

The customer service experience is important to every company. The reason for this is simple. It is because good customer service increases a company’s bottom line. According to McKinsey & Company, putting an effort into improving customer service will increase revenue by 7%. Rob Walters and Michael Liyeos are the founders of Quattro Development, and they know that good customer service is crucial.

Most people in the real estate industry focus on their profits, but at Quattro Development, they focus on the experience their customers have with the company. In this case, they are focusing on their tenants, and they explain how they do it.

Meet Regularly with Clients

Both Liyeos and Walters do not take anything for granted. They regularly communicate with their tenants so that they can ensure that their relationships are profitable for the long term. This means that they spend the majority of their time on their tenants’ issues, and they perform several activities for this purpose. For example, they regularly meet with their tenants at conferences and take time out to network with them. They will even have dinner with clients on occasion. When they meet their tenants, these clients have no reason to feel as if money is the only reason that Liyeos and Walters give them any attention. They want to understand what their clients’ issues are, so they actually sit down and listen to them.

Liyeos and Walters are aware that it takes time to know what their clients are searching for, and Quattro Development takes this time to find the best properties for them. They know that their clients’ needs are all very different, so they ensure that they address each person’s concerns. This keeps Quattro Development from being a “one-size-fits-all” type of establishment.


Michael Liyeos and Rob Walters have been fortunate in their hiring practices. They personally know most of the people who work for them now, so they have a very trustworthy and hard-working team.

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