Ella Robertson: Steadfast Stewardship at One Young World

At the helm of One Young World, Ella
Robertson stands as an uncompromising advocate
of change. Robertson’s leadership is not characterized
by a dogged chase for popularity or personal acclaim, but by a relentless quest
for tangible actions that will make a significant difference in the world. 

Being the managing director of One Young World, Robertson faces the difficult task of navigating
the tidal wave of digital activism that often results in slacktivism. This
phenomenon, where individuals appear to be advocates for change by sharing
posts on social media platforms, only yields a false sense of accomplishment
according to Robertson, as it lacks the substance of real change. 

This sentiment is echoed by Ella Robertson, who believes real change is often found far from the
spotlight. According to her, the average adult spends about two-and-a-half
hours a day on social media. She proposes a thought-provoking question:
“What if people spent those two-and-a-half hours actually doing the things they post about?” 

Ella Robertson does not merely pontificate about these issues, but puts her words into action at
One Young World. This organization is committed to tangible change, actively
engaging young leaders from across the globe to develop solutions to some of
the world’s most pressing challenges. Robertson’s leadership style at One Young
World encourages activists to not only express their views but also to take
meaningful steps towards achieving their advocacy goals. 

However, One Young World under Ella Robertson’s supervision is not just about activism.  

One Young World also emphasizes the importance of diversity. Robertson is a firm believer in
the notion that effective movements encourage inclusivity and harness the power
of different voices, experiences, and perspectives. 

In an era dominated by superficial displays of activism, Ella Robertson’s leadership at One Young
World offers a compelling and refreshing perspective. It challenges us all to
move beyond slacktivism and strive for effective, inclusive and tangible change.
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