Gino Pozzo

Gino Pozzo is not just a businessman; he is more than that. Born in 1965 to Giuliana and Giampaolo Pozzo, Gino Pozzo pursued his education diligently with the support of his parents leading him to Harvard University. Immediately after college, and still in his early 20s, Gino Pozzo continued his relationship with football and sports through development of football young talents and scouting. This could be attributed to his father’s dealings in sports as the owner of Udinese Calcio in Italy. Gino Pozzo currently owns a sports investment group and is the legal owner and managing director of Watford FC, where he is directly involved in the daily management of the club.

As a young member of the Pozzo family, Gino Pozzo is very active in club ownership operations including scouting, and talent development. Since 1993, he has involved himself immensely in ensuring that the daily operations of the family sports ownership is geared towards development of young talent as a strategy for long term sustainable growth and success. It is evident from Watford’s first season, where Gino’s strategy on player recruitment and purchase and sale of players took center stage in the clubs’ operations. All the Pozzo owned sports and clubs’ benefit greatly from this model.

Initially there had been a 35-year period of difficulty in business. In 2009, the family engineered the success and rise of Granada F.C from Segunda B to Primera Liga. In 2012, the family holdings were increased, leading to the purchase of Watford Football Club, a team that had been relegated to the fourth division. The dedication of Pozzo to success in England and at Watford ensured he moved his family to London so as to be fully involved in the managing of the club and day to day sporting activity.

Acquiring Watford FC made history for the family as they became the first owners in the world to be on top of three football clubs in three different leagues simultaneously. They were now owners in Italy, England, and Spain. This fate led to the family being named as “European Soccer’s Ascendant Family” in 2015, by the Wall Street Journal. Gino’s style of leadership has continued to impress across all business decisions with an emphasis on sustainability, and long-term success. talent scouting and development of young players is his trademark. The rise and exceptional talents demonstrated by players including Medhi Benatia, Asamoah Kwadwo, and Alexis Sanchez can all be attributed to the excellence in scouting and development at Pozzo’s football clubs. Go to this page for additional information.


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