Learn Forex Trading at IM Academy

The IM Academy founders are Forex experts who have been providing accessible online Forex education since 2013. Students create subscriptions to gain access to classes that can improve their skills. About 225,000 active subscribers learn from educational products and services and apply them to their own trading.

The academy adds subsidiary entities into the international markets. New York remains its global headquarters even as the corporation expands. Some newer classes include risk management and tax advantage. The corporation saves money on office space and reinvests in the academy by hiring top talent in their respective fields.

IM Academy has four core training programs called academies. A video module includes a series of videos with interactive segments. Students take what the video says and apply the information to real-life situations. The videos offer the basics of Forex trading. The interactive parts let students work with the educators in 13 languages.

The first core academy is FRX Academy. FRX Academy has 76 video modules and teaches about foreign currency exchange. HFX Academy has 95 video modules. The class teaches about high-frequency exchange and types of analysis. DCX Academy has 25 video modules. The class teaches about trading in DCX and types of digital currencies. ECX Academy has 450 video modules and teaches all aspects of the e-commerce business.

The four core classes have all the information a student would need to understand Forex trading. The optional add-ons allow students to move to higher-level classes. After students master the core classes, the optional add-on video modules offer deeper dives into specialized areas. IM Academy offers ten optional add-on strategies, but the core classes include four. The mobile app offers three optional add-on apps. The classes and educators offer students a deep understanding of Forex trading that they can apply to their personal trading. IM gives students the knowledge to trade confidently but doesn’t provide investment advice. For IOS users, go to this app, for more information.


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