Matthew Mansell: The Innovative Mind behind Athlo, the Next Fitness Unicorn


Matthew Mansell is the founder and creative driver behind Athlo, a unique fitness platform focused on cooperation instead of cut-throat competition. This article explores Matthew Mansell’s unique mindset and how he is revolutionizing the fitness industry.

The Importance of Cooperation

Mansell’s approach is refreshing in an industry that thrives on fierce competition. The app emphasizes partnership and mutual benefits for all involved rather than the destruction of competitors. Mansell’s former professional rugby player background taught him the value of teamwork to achieve a common goal.

A Three-Pronged Approach

Athlo’s platform caters to three crucial groups: users, individual fitness providers, and brick-and-mortar gyms and fitness centers. Users can access curated classes and gym memberships, while individual providers can promote their classes and memberships through the platform. At the same time, the app partners with gyms and fitness centers to help them expand their memberships and retain customers.

Prioritizing Brick-and-Mortar Integration

Unlike other fitness platforms that aim to divert people from conventional gyms, the app focuses on collaborating with brick-and-mortar facilities rather than competing with them. Matthew Mansell seeks to bridge the gap between digital and physical fitness spaces, creating an ecosystem where all players benefit from cooperation.

The App’s Role in Recovery

The COVID-19 pandemic was a severe blow to gyms and fitness centers, making the launch of the fitness app in 2021 all the more timely. The app offers a way for these facilities to improve member retention and attract new ones, which is crucial for their recovery. Matthew Mansell emphasizes that retaining members is much more cost-effective than acquiring new ones, and Athlo enables facilities to do just that.


Matthew Mansell’s vision for the app puts the fitness platform on the path to becoming the next fitness unicorn. His focus on collaboration rather than competition stands out in an industry prioritizing the latter. By working with all players in the fitness ecosystem, the app could drive the entire industry forward, benefiting everyone from users to brick-and-mortar gyms and fitness centers.

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