Dean Omar Branham Shirley Has Above Average Legal Team

Jessica Dean is a lawyer at the Dallas firm Dean Omar Branham Shirley, LLP. Jessica Dean has cemented her reputation as a top advocate and trial criminal defense attorney who can compete with the greatest in the game in the past few years. She has been named a top lawyer by many judicial publications that have used her knowledge and experience in personal injury to protect regular people against international firms looking to make money. Jessica is the founding partner of Dean Omar Branham Shirley. 

Jessica Dean was named in the best 100 case awards in both 2017 and 2018, but her most major influence has been to improve the work environment across many multiple sectors and at multiple organizations under her firm Dean Omar Branham Shirley. In the aftermath of her making firms responsible for how they treat their people, many individuals and businesses are better protected.

Jessica’s clientele tends to be middle-class and blue-collar workers. Additionally, she aids clients in litigating for personal injury, underpaid pay, and corporate responsibility, among other things. Jessica Dean also handles class-action plaintiffs in court cases against huge businesses.

In 1999, Jessica Dean received a bachelor’s degree from Boston University in economics and a bachelor’s degree in political science. Jessica graduated with a law degree with in 2003. When she graduated in 2003, Texas was just the first place she was able to apply to following her college graduation. There were two new states, California and Pennsylvania, in 2008. Due to this, Jessica is now permitted to practice law in all three Texan federal courts. This group of students was admitted between 2003 and 2004.

In the beginning, Jessica Dean’s initial customer was an elderly gentleman, 62, who had been exposed to asbestos for generations and had acquired mesothelioma. The customer was in his twenties when he operated at a naval shipyard fixing gaskets and packing materials. Like other employees of that age, Jessica’s client was unaware that he was causing his lungs to deteriorate and finally succumb to cancer. 

After meeting a mesothelioma patient, Jessica Dean set out to determine what area businesses knew regarding asbestos and its link to the deadly illness. She wanted to know when firms learnt about the link and even what they did when they realized asbestos exposure placed employees in danger. In light of the indisputable link connecting occupational exposures and mesothelioma, her purpose is to make corporations responsible for their acts.