Amy’s Kitchen Offers Delicious Organic Food Cooked Fresh Everyday

Amy’s KitchenAmy’s Kitchen was founded in 1987 by two loving and new vegetarian parents, Andy and Rachel Berliner. They were concerned about the impact of pesticides and pollution used and created by the agriculture and food industries during the 1980s. So, these energetic parents decided to attempt creating an organic fast-food version of the popular burger joints found in almost every community in America.

Today, Amy’s Kitchen is still going strong, and their company has been voted to being number 10 out of 100 companies for Best Places to work in the Bay Area of California just recently. It started with one vegan and organic recipe for pot pie, and today the company offers a wealth of different foods and beverages. They have several different organic and vegan burgers, and they are committed to standing behind their valued employees who are the heart and soul of their operation.

Along with tasty burgers made from whole grains and other natural ingredients, this company also offers fresh salads that come with all the toppings not usually found in restaurants or fast-food places nowadays. Thick milkshakes, with a dairy-free version, hearty and rustic hot soups, crusty rolls baked fresh every day, chili, special sauces for your burger, crisp French fries, cold freshly made lemonade and more are available.

Amy’s Kitchen is also concerned about the negative impact that food manufacturing processes place on the environment. They are committed to only working with fresh ingredients sourced by local farms that grow the best organic vegetables, fruits and other food products.

Amy’s KitchenAmy’s believes in their employees as well, and the company has given scholarships to children of employees. Employees can also take advantage of an affordable healthcare plan that offers wellness and preventative care coverage. Many of the employees of this fantastic organic company are immigrants who often do not know much English when they first arrive. Many of these employees have risen to leadership positions within the company.

Today, the company also provides ready-made organic, vegan and special diet food products to over 40,000 different retailers that sell food across the country.