Getting to Know Shelton Haynes

Have you ever wondered what it takes to run a large organization? From short-term thinking to long-term deployment strategies, the trajectory of a company lives or dies with its management. Knowing this, Haynes works around the clock to ensure the organic growth of his organization, the Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation (RIOC).

RIOC is an organization with civil interests regarding a small island in New York called Roosevelt Island, located on the lovely East River. The publicly-funded group bands together to provide and improve the critical infrastructure used by inhabitants and visitors alike. Whether a visitor lives close by or travels from across the country to visit the city, they can see Haynes’ work on display within the Roosevelt Island perimeter.

Completed Projects and Improvements

Although Shelton Haynes’ tenure at the Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation as President began a few short years ago in 2021, he’s already leaving his mark on the city. More specifically, Haynes works with local specialists to improve and repair local attractions, such as the Blackwell House, FDR Hope Memorial and the Roosevelt Island Youth center, a place where the future leaders of tomorrow congregate.

Streamlining the Success of RIOC with Modern Technology

One domain where Haynes has surpassed expectations is by implementing technological tools to improve the efficiency and workflow of the RIOC moving forward. Once appointed as President, Haynes had a simple goal: use modern tools to improve outcomes and serve the community with improved efficiency.

Moreover, Haynes is an essential component for results-driven fundraising. Prior to his presidency, the RIOC group barely managed a few million dollars worth of funding from outside donors. After his election, the RIOC multiplied its budget tenfold with its Capital Program, pushing its budget to over $ 40 million.

What Does the Future Hold for Haynes and RIOC?

Haynes focal point in 2023 is to hire outside talent and collaborate with production leaders who value tangible results. If there’s one thing about Haynes’ management style that draws attention, it’s his ability to turn hopes and aspirations into real-world projects. From securing funding for future endeavors to implementing technologies that leverage the success of RIOC, the future looks bright for Shelton Haynes and his team.