Greycoat Real Estate Unveils High Levels of Gulf Investment in London

Greycoat Real Estate works on providing access to London’s office space for global investors. Investors from the Gulf States of the Middle East are boosting the U.K.’s real estate markets during a lean period. 


The United Kingdom remains one of the most popular investment options for investors from Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and the U.A.E., according to recent research from Greycoat real estate agency. The Gulf Cooperation Council unveiled its latest report on the investment in real estate by billionaires from the Gulf States. 


The report revealed investment figures, including an average investment in London real estate of $90.8 million. These are the changes that have been made during the post pandemic era. Greycoat Real Estate agrees with the report’s details and sees clients from the Gulf States investing heavily across the U.K. 


Overall, the investment in the U.K. real estate market from the Gulf totals an average of $81.9 million across all investors. Greycoat Real Estate’s view is that the 95 percent of Gulf State investors entering the U.K.’s real estate market is correct.


Greycoat Real Estate sees the report by the Gulf Cooperation Council as a good sign for the future of the markets. The overwhelming majority of the investors taking part in the research explained they saw the U.K. as a positive investment opportunity. Not only did the majority of investors see the U.K. as a positive area to invest in, but they plan to increase their level of investment over the next five years.