How Gino Pozzo Took Watford FC To The Premier League

If you had told football fans that someone would buy the Watford Football Club and take them from the Fourth Division all the way to the Premier League, most of them probably would have laughed. However, Gino Pozzo seemingly worked a miracle when he did just that. How is this possible? Is Gino some kind of football god? The answer is far simpler, but it still may shock you.

Business Before Passion

Gino Pozzo is passionate about football, but maybe not as much as you would think. He says that while he does enjoy the sport, it isn’t his top priority. This sort of emotional distancing from the sport has given Gino a unique mindset. When he purchases a football club, he doesn’t do it out of passion or love for the game, he does it to turn a profit. This has allowed him to make decisions based on logic and reason rather than his emotions.

Recruitment and Coaching

The recruitment and coaching strategies used by Gino Pozzo were both unorthodox and revolutionary. In fact, the rules had to be rewritten because his strategies were considered too effective. As for the recruitment of and trading players, Gino was signing a ton of players who were on international loans from his two other football clubs. This raised some eyebrows and officials ended up changing the rules as a result.

When it comes to coaching, Gino believes that a coach has a shelf-life of about two years. After that, he will let them go and replace them. This may seem odd since every coach for Watford FC has been successful, but so far this strategy has worked wonders to prevent stagnation. In fact, Scott Duxbury, Watford’s CEO, has said that the environment of development and support for incumbent coaches has been incredible. Visit this page for more information.


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