How Raffaele Riva and AUREA Multifamily Office Revolutionizing Financial Services Across Europe

Raffaele Riva and AUREA Multi Family Office are making significant strides in the financial services sector across Europe. The company provides customized international financial services, including asset management, wealth and estate planning, audits, and budgeting assistance to high-profile clients with diverse assets.

In 2008, he established AUREA, a company with diverse subsidiaries. Riva takes an active role in these ventures, handling unique private investments, and supervising critical transactions and negotiations.

AUREA serves affluent clients who possess substantial international assets, frequently seeking assistance with cross-border transactions. Raffaele Riva works closely with an exceptional network of associates, encompassing asset management experts, banks, hedge fund managers, individual investors, and tax attorneys. This collaboration ensures AUREA’s ability to offer specialized expertise in diverse areas of interest to its esteemed clientele.

AUREA Multi Family Office played a pivotal role in facilitating the sale of CASALS with 100% of its capital shares, to Vortice S.p.A. The transfer of shares proved advantageous for both parties. CASALS gained access to Vortice’s overall infrastructure, ensuring multinational distribution channels. At the same time, Vortice expanded its product line and distribution capabilities.

Raffaele Riva has profound expertise in international business, holding a Master’s degree in Accounting along with post-graduate qualifications in SSQUEA and SUPSI. He acquired valuable experience as an Assistant Manager/Supervisor in the Audit and Accounting Area. Later, he served as a Senior Executive of a multinational corporation with subsidiary companies spanning across Europe and South America. As the executive leader of the group’s Lugano office in Switzerland, Riva assumed responsibility for overseeing the operations of numerous subsidiaries and branches. These were situated in Western Europe, Canada, South Africa, and Central and South America.

Raffaele Riva and AUREA Multi Family Office are making a significant impact in the financial services sector across Europe, providing customized financial services to high-profile clients with diverse assets. The success of AUREA is attributed to Riva’s profound expertise in international business and his collaboration with an impressive network of associates. Follow this page on Instagram, for related information.


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