IM Academy Forex Trading Sessions

IM Academy was established as a simple startup in 2013 by Christopher Terry and Isis De La Torre. They were Forex experts and independent entrepreneurs aiming at providing an online Forex trading platform. Since its inception, IM has significantly grown into a large organization with many active subscribers. It currently incorporates many subsidiary entities in various global markets, only where regulatory requirements permit them. IM also considers areas where the registering entities offer tax benefits or risk management. It’s headquartered and legally registered in New York.

IM Academy has engaged its customers remotely even during the harsh COVID 19 pandemic. This has saved them a lot of money for office space and other related expenses. As a result, it has prioritized and directed its resources to employ skilled and highly qualified workers worldwide. IM has been successful in its operations since it wasn’t affected by the tight COVID 19 containment measures.

IM Academy offers learning modules (academies) that comprise four unique programs through its website. New customers can easily access it through a referral by an already registered customer or an IBO. Every module has a couple of informational videos and unlimited interactive GoLive sessions where learners apply the ideas in real life.

These videos offer students the basics of how Forex trading works and how to use GoLive interactive sessions and video lessons to boost their knowledge. Videos provide the basic concepts and trading strategies, but most learning happens during the GoLive interactive sessions as students work with all the ideas in each video. These sessions allow students to interact with IM educators. Each GoLive session offers 13 languages to engage students from different zones at specific dates and times. You can never go wrong with IM as its structure model is easily accessible and simple to navigate.

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