Krishen Iyer Makes A Positive Impact To The Insurance Industry

Successful businessmanKrishen Iyer pursued his education in Bullard High School, which hallmarked his career success. After graduating from high school, he got a slot to join San Diego State University to further his studies and pursue his desired career. The skills earned while on campus were integral in the marketing expert Krishen Iyer´s career endeavors. 


He was also part and parcel of the operations of Beta Theta Pi Fraternity while in College. His career was hallmarked by an insurance company where he was employed after graduating from campus. His role within the insurance company was overseeing the organizational operations and driving traffic. Krishen Iyer´s primary focus was offering insurance services, sales and providing insurance distribution infrastructure. 


The vast skills and expertise that the businessman Krishen Iyer harbors in insurance contribute to his tremendous growth and success in the industry. The commitment and determination led to him co-founding several firms and helping them grow to international ranks. Many startups and established firms look to Krishen Iyer for entrepreneurial support. Besides being passionate about business development, Krishen Iyer also creates time for his family members, the number one priority.


The entrepreneur Krishen Iyer also oversees the operations of Managed Benefits Services Company that he founded to deal with service marketing and provide consultation services to support the growth of the insurance sector. Krishen Iyer later decided to sell the company to have enough time for insurance consultancy. MBS continues to progress to greater ranks under the new management. The company has diversified to focus on various areas besides health insurance, its primary area. Krishen Iyer has supported the growth of MAIS company and other firms.