Managing The Patriots – Robert Kraft

Robert Kraft is an investor, the Premier and the Chairman of the Kraft Group; Robert is also involved in community activities as a humanitarian. Robert is a successful businessperson who deals with a wide range of products. Some of Robert’s companies and products include Gillet Stadium, International Forest Products, New England Revolution, Randy-Whitney Group, New England Patriots, Randy-Whitney Containerboard, and other privately owned ventures.

Robert Kraft is a fan of the Patriots, a team he has supported for over three decades. Before taking over the ownership of the football club, Kraft served as the Chief Executive officer and the football club’s Chairman. In 1994, Robert acquired the Patriots.

Robert Kraft acquired the New England Patriots in January 1994, and the day he took over the ownership, Robert promised to serve the football club with commitment; he also noted that the reason why he bought the football club was to bring a tournament to New England. Robert knew it took work to get the football in the primer league. However, 28 years later, the football club is doing well thanks to Robert’s hard work and dedication to the club. Before Robert took over the club’s management, it was not doing well on the pitch; it had only won 19 matches out of 80 it had played in England. When Kraft bought the football club, the Patriots went up in the position after eight years. Since 1994, the Patriots have qualified for the playoffs 22 times — 19 as division champions — and hosted 27 home playoff games.

 Connecting His Vision

It did not take Robert Kraft long before he realized his vision for the Patriots. Robert personally invested in the football club, and it worked out; the dedication also brought joy to Patriots fans. After Robert bought the team in the first game, the ticket sales went high. By the start of the first season, after Robert bought the Patriots, all the tickets sold out, something that had not happened in 34 seasons. Visit this page for additional information.


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