Margie Hauser is a Music Industry Veteran

Margie Hauser has been a prominent figure in the Music Industry for over 30 years, having established herself as an artist development and marketing expert. At her company, Margie Hauser Media Group, she has helped launch the careers of some of the music industry’s biggest successes.

Her Achievements

Hauser’s company helped launch the careers of Mariah Carey, Jessica Simpson, and Celine Dion, among others. She is also the lead songwriter for a Grammy Award-winning gospel choir, The Mighty Clouds of Joy. She has been writing songs since she was 12 years old.

Hauser began writing songs as early as 12 years old. “The only thing I knew when I was a kid was that it was my destiny to be a musician,” she says. “I always had the desire, but I didn’t think I would ever make a living on that.” She signed with an independent label and played at local nightclubs throughout Florida. In 1986, she moved to Los Angeles and signed with two major brands: MCA and RCA, although neither showed any interest in her music. She joined with Judi Collins, a former manager of Celine Dion, who introduced Hauser to Mariah Carey’s manager. Hauser worked with Carey for two years before being signed to Columbia Records in 1996 by Tommy Mottola.

Throughout her career, Margie Hauser has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry, including Kenny Rogers and Celine Dion. Her credits include co-writing “All I Want Is Forever” and “Honey” for Dion; co-writing “Try Me Again” and “Why Should I Be Sad?” for Chicago; and writing half of the album Voices of Life for the Mighty Clouds of Joy.

Margie Hauser also helped arrange backing vocals on many different albums, including her solo album Wishes. Hauser is well-known for her work with many famous gospel choirs, including The Mighty Clouds of Joy and Sounds of Blackness. She has also collaborated with them on many projects, including individual albums and concerts. In November 2014, Hauser received a Grammy Award for Best Gospel Choir for her work as the music director for an album by The Mighty Clouds of Joy called One Way.