Quality Content Increases Ross Levinsohn’s Revenue

Ross LevinsohnRoss Levinsohn, the Sports Illustrated business head, has generated more revenue from quality content than ever. One example is the article he wrote on using quality content in sports—the article generated over $1 million in revenue from advertising.

The Sports Illustrated CEO has been able to do this by taking advantage of the marketer’s need for quality content and creating an environment conducive to quality content.

In a time where more people seek out opportunities in the digital age, Ross Levinsohn, quality content creator at Sports Illustrated, knows what it takes to stay ahead of the curve. Levinsohn has seen first-hand how being ahead of the curve can lead to increased revenue.

Levinsohn has been able to continue generating quality content for Sports Illustrated because he’s been able to keep his company’s brand strong and up-to-date. Quality content is essential to Sports Illustrated, and Levinsohn can produce it with the latest technologies and tools.

With the ability to produce it in any language, Sports Illustrated can stay relevant in the digital age. Levinsohn can produce high-quality content in a way that keeps his readers engaged. It’s a strategy that is paying off today, as Sports Illustrated remains one of the most popular publications in the world.

The new publishing strategy is based on the understanding that quality content is the key to success. “We want to create stories that will live in the digital age,” Sports Illustrated CEO says.

The Arena Group’s original versions of Sports Illustrated and Parade featured innovative reporting and writing and photographers and reporters who were standards-setters in the industry. However, today’s media landscape requires more advanced reporting and writing. That’s where the Quality Content team at The Arena Group comes in.

The Arena Group is now Edition Media, a digital media company that provides news and opinion content to millions of Amazon and Apple customers. The company has developed a “direct-to-consumer” strategy to reach new customers beyond the traditional media markets.

Levinsohn: “It’s not about making the same product as everyone else. It’s about making the product we can be proud of and differentiate ourselves.”

The Arena Group is a subscription-based media company that creates and manages digital and print publications’ technology, content, and marketing infrastructure. The company provides management with a playbook that’s constantly updated with the latest in technology and marketing strategies.

It drives home the need for media companies to use technology to save time and reduce costs. “We see technology as not just a way to automate things, but as an essential part of our marketing mix,” Levinsohn says.

“We can no longer keep our brands or operations unchanged for any time, so we need to constantly change how we use technology and marketing tools to support our brands and operations.” The playbook is constantly changing and expanding its capabilities to support media companies’ technology, marketing, and brand growth needs.

“The Arena Group’s playbook for success is a sophisticated technology platform, monetization stack, and subscription infrastructure that management uses to achieve great results for their media brands,” Sports Illustrated CEO says.

Levinsohn is optimistic about the media industry’s future but underlines that the tipping point for media companies is now. “The media industry is going to be very difficult to compete with the technology, monetization, and content models we are seeing today,” Levinsohn says.