Raffaele Riva – Father Of The AUREA Multi-Family Office

Raffaele Riva has a versatile skillset when it comes to business. His international experience includes wealth management and estate planning. He is likewise knowledgeable in areas of corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions, and restructuring. He has a great deal of experience launching successful startup companies thanks to his understanding of international business.

Raffaele Riva was the senior executive of a conglomerate doing business on a multinational stage. In that position, he oversaw companies throughout the Americas, as well as in Europe and South Africa. He got his start with a major corporation that operated in Italy and the UK, where he specialized in auditing and accounting. From the start, his career prepared him for wealth management on an international scale.

His higher education saw him earn a degree in Economics from the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, located in Milan, Italy. He went on to Canton Ticino Management Business School where he completed a postgraduate program. He finished a second postgraduate degree at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland.

In 2008, he founded Aurea Multifamily Office. His idea was to serve as advisor to clients of high net worth who were investors and entrepreneurs. He wanted to provide each client with a highly tailored service through a network of banks, asset and fund managers, tax lawyers and specialists, and any other service that might prove valuable. AUREA provides these wealth management services to individuals and companies and covers the spectrum from tradition to alternative investment.

AUREA offers a wide array of services through its subsidiaries. This allows them to provide a highly customized experience for any client. Under Raffaele Riva and his involvement and guidance, AUREA continues to develop unique services for their clients at higher levels of income. He leads the company into a future defined by optimism, enriching the lives of his clients along the way. Visit this page for more information.


Learn more about Riva on https://medium.com/@raffaeleriva