Shelton Haynes and Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation: Revitalizing a Hidden Gem

In 2020, Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation (RIOC) appointed Shelton Haynes as its President and CEO. He has significantly contributed to revitalizing Roosevelt Island and establishing a dynamic neighborhood. Under his leadership, the RIOC has been actively involved in developing the Riverwalk neighborhood, which has grown to become a popular destination for locals and tourists.

Haynes has contributed significantly to the RIOC’s partnership with private developers to bring new amenities and housing to the area. With the addition of new restaurants, retail establishments, and cultural attractions, Riverwalk has developed into a significant success.

Under Haynes’ leadership, Roosevelt Island’s sports facilities have flourished, transforming it into a haven for citywide sports fans. The SportsPark facility now has a new director and general manager, creating new community opportunities to participate in sports and exercise.

Shelton Haynes has worked on community outreach and commemoration in addition to his efforts in development and athletics. Under his administration, the RIOC recently unveiled a memorial honoring the Island’s fallen heroes was recently unveiled by the RIOC, which has since become a place for locals and visitors to reflect and remember.

Haynes has also outlined plans for a sizable center for youth development, which will provide the Island’s youth with much-needed support and resources. He has been greatly admired and praised for his commitment to making Roosevelt Island a dynamic and pleasant community.

Haynes has been featured in major publications like City and State NY and The Boss Magazine, highlighting his magnificent work transforming the Island into a hidden gem in the city. Additionally, he has received accolades for his vision, leadership, and determination in RIOC. His effort to change the Island and engage with the locals has made him a respected figure.

In conclusion, Haynes has been instrumental in bringing the Roosevelt Island revival. His leadership of the Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation has stirred up positive changes in the area, such as the growth of the Riverwalk neighborhood and the increase of sporting facilities. With the help of Haynes, Roosevelt Island has become a thriving and diverse community, and his leadership has earned him widespread acclaim.