The advice of hybrid office planning to enhance business productivity by Hughes Marino

Hughes Marino Company is known for corporates, business owners, and management teams’ representation. This is mainly through tenants or buyer representation, mainly focused on eliminating conflicts of interest that tend to arise. In addition, the Hughes Marino company offers buyers and tenants advisory services. 


Their services are highly regarded due to their specialization in these areas and, therefore, respected, ensure confidentiality and mitigate conflicts.


How to achieve a hybrid work environment

Among the advice from Hughes Marino is on building a hybrid work environment. The first factor to consider in this is the space needed that can enhance a flexible work schedule. Therefore a space should be considered in terms of how well it meets the company’s culture and operational goals. This means that, at Hughes Marino buyer and tenant representation firm, up to now, the focus is on maximizing common spaces while leaving the team connected even better. 


At Hughes Marino, it is also to consider the team while making decisions relating to the working environment. Thus, their comfortability, physical and emotional well-being, and adaptability should all be taken care of to optimize workflow and productivity (Yelp).


It is always advisable to engage the team and incorporate their views so that any change that occurs will be able to fit their needs. It is also good to distinguish an office from home by focusing on a functional space that upholds the company’s culture, focuses on the mission, and promotes collaborative effort, thus promoting teamwork and innovation. In addition, at Hughes Marino, technology is critical in promoting hybrid environment utilization, including Wi-Fi connectivity, video conferencing rooms, and hoteling software deployment.