The Balanced Life and Excellence of Haroldo Jacobovicz

Haroldo Jacobovicz is an engineer, businessman, and philanthropist. He is busy but always finds time for himself and his family. Among the first things he strives to ensure every day is that he maintains good physical and mental health to enable him to succeed in all he does. He loves spending time with his granddaughter and took a recent trip to Disney World with her.

As the founder of Arlequim Technologies, Jcobovicz has significantly impacted the tech world. His passion drives him to seek new things and break the norm. He is currently working on the company’s virtual computer project and recently started the Haroldo Jacobovicz Institute to life. The institute is part of his philanthropic work and aims to promote entertainment suitable for children, the elderly, and people with disabilities.

Jacobovicz is a man who loves seeking more information about people and various topics. His inquisitive nature has helped him get outstanding breakthroughs in his work. Nevertheless, he always insists on honor, trust, and working together. His honesty and dedication are visible in both his private and work relationships. Jacobovicz admires people who work their way out of struggles to make a mark and achieve their potential. Such courage inspires him also to give his best.

In his work life, Haroldo Jacobovicz desires to bring solutions at the best time to make life easier for millions of people. He believes that when tech comes at the right time, it can bring significant change in the outcomes. That’s why he constantly encourages people to innovate to ensure that future problems can get solutions in time.

Jacobovicz also encourages the youth to keep studying and learn new things as early as possible. Building up your skills when you have time will help you achieve your full potential early enough. As a man who despises dishonesty, he desires that everyone does the right thing and improves themselves so they don’t have to steal or lie as a cover-up.

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