The Colcom Foundation And The Ideas That Will Save The Planet

All actions are based upon ideas, and this creates change in the world. It is this philosophy that drives the Colcom Foundation in its crusade to protect human civilization from the oncoming catastrophes that threaten it such as ecological destruction and overpopulation. By staying true to their ideals, the Colcom Foundation has been able to accomplish great things.

Freedom of Speech

The Colcom Foundation advocates for the marketplace of ideas to be free of censorship. They see this as necessary for a functioning democracy and equality. It is their core belief that truth will prevail over lies in the absence of censorship.


Everyone is equal regardless of sex, race, nationality, ethnicity, or political orientation. This diversity of ideas allows for the best ideas to surface to the top and carry the human race forward.


It is no secret that there are many threats to civilization hanging over our heads right now. However, some fail to realize this. The Colcom Foundation promotes rational thinking about these problems such as the logical truth that a finite planet with finite resources cannot support an ever growing population.


It is one of The Colcom Foundation’s major goals to create a balanced population in the US and around the world. What they mean by this is balancing the young with the old. When a population begins to become skewed towards the old, the economy begins to suffer due to there not being enough young people to fuel it. Colcom Foundation is among the primary sources of funding directed towards the United States anti-immigration movement. That funding helps organizations like the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS), the American Border Patrol, the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), and NumbersUSA.


The Colcom Foundation advocates for respect between humans and between humans and the environment. This is a core principle in their ecological preservation efforts that they are using to combat rapid urbanization of wild lands in Pennsylvania. So far, they have been very successful and have partnered with other organizations to protect these lands from urban development. See this article for additional information.


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