Tieks are the new, innovative shoe craze that has customers nationwide talking. Tieks pumps up the modern style of ballet flats with dynamic function and fashion-forward designs, resulting in a perfect blend of comfort and style. Whether looking for shoes for everyday use or just an occasional pick-me-up, they have got you covered! Here’s an overview to give you more insight into this excellent shoe line:


Tieks is an American footwear brand designed for everyday wear – think the comfort of a ballet flat meshed with the flexibility of a sneaker. In other words, these sneakers are designed to enable free movement, from running errands all day to having long leisurely walks in your favorite park. By fashioning traditional ballet flats out of durable yet soft Italian leather and integrating patented elastic technology into every pair, they introduce maximum comfort while moving with your every step and providing superb arch support.

 Designs & Colors

Regarding designs and colors, it offers something suitable for everyone’s taste. They offer three sole styles – Standard Sole, Premier Sole, which adds extra cushioning support, and Dress sole, which provides more grip and excellent traction when walking outdoors. Their flat collection consists of bold patterns such as Clothespin Turquoise Check, Snow Leopard Rosen Red Combo, plus classic all-black features like White Black Geometric. They also feature vibrant shades like Teal Porcelain Floral Logo Design and marbled styles like Subtle Steel Petal Ponte Patterned Leather.

Price & Durability

Durability-wise, each pair is handmade out of top-quality full-grain calf leather sourced from Italy so that durability concerns can rest assured. They’re incredibly lightweight, making them perfect for travel or weekend trips. Their low price tag makes them an excellent value for money considering the quality involved – these won’t easily break down or fade away with extended daily wear, unlike some cheaper competitors in their market space. Prices typically range from USD 175 – USD 244 depending upon what kind of sole you order with each pair (standard sole being the most economical).


Finding stylish, comfy shoes to wear all day can be tricky – but not any longer! With them offering excellent variety in terms of looks and comfort, something within their product line will catch your eye! There isn’t much more to ask for when accessing outstanding design elements and highly high durability standards at very reasonable prices. Visit this page for additional information.


More about Tieks on https://www.inc.com/profile/Tieks