IM Academy: Digital Forex Education Online

Many people are attracted to learning a new skill by signing up for a class or attending school. Of course, these solutions require you to spend time and money on something that can take months or even years. This can be an undue burden for many who would rather use their online time more efficiently. With so many online education options available today, it seems that finding a worthwhile one can be difficult enough without having to search all over the web. Luckily for you, this article compares one of the best online education options currently available: IM Academy.

IM Academy as an Online Education Option

IM Academy is a digital forex education platform that claims to be able to teach anyone how to trade currency successfully and make a profit. Forex trading is buying or selling currencies to earn a profit based on their changes in value against other currencies. This practice is typically accomplished online using brokers, which are allowed by law to operate and open accounts for traders.

The Academy was founded by Christopher Terry and Isis De La Torre in 2013. Currently, the service offered by IM Academy is provided entirely through the internet using an online platform. There are several different products you can purchase from IM Academy in exchange for a membership fee.

IM Academy’s main products are modules known as academies. These academies are full of useful guides and resources which can help you get started using the strategies of more experienced traders. Other products include a mentor program, which allows you to access a forex mentor who is knowledgeable in the field, as well as a social trading platform where you can copy-trade based on the results of professional traders.

There are four IM learning academies, namely:

  1. FRX Academy (Foreign currency exchange)
  2. HFX Academy (High- frequency exchange)
  3. DCX Academy (Digital currency exchange)
  4. ECX Academy focuses mainly on e-commerce.

The main difference between the Academy and most other online education services is that there is no physical location for students to attend. Instead, students are encouraged to take an active role in the discussion, with many courses having the option of creating their questions and answers (Q&A) style questions. Go to this page for more information.

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