Master the Markets: IM Academy’s Trading Education and Tools Unleashed!

IM Academy: Empowering Traders with Education and Financial Tools

IM Academy, formerly known as iMarketsLive, is an online educational platform that aims to empower individuals with the knowledge and tools to excel in financial trading. Founded in 2013 by Christopher Terry, the company has become a leading provider of comprehensive trading education and mentorship.

Comprehensive Trading Education

One of the key pillars of IM Academy is its comprehensive trading education. The platform offers a wide range of courses and training materials designed to cater to traders of all levels – from beginners taking their first steps in the financial markets to seasoned professionals looking to refine their strategies.

The educational content covers various aspects of trading, including forex, cryptocurrencies, commodities, and indices. Through live webinars, video tutorials, and interactive learning sessions, members gain valuable insights into market analysis, technical indicators, risk management, and trading psychology.

Experienced Educators and Mentors

IM Academy boasts a team of experienced educators and mentors passionate about sharing their knowledge and expertise. These industry professionals guide members through their trading journey, offering personalized support and advice to help them succeed.

The live Forex Trading sessions allow members to observe seasoned traders’ real-time strategies and decision-making processes. This hands-on experience provides invaluable insights and fosters a deeper understanding of the market dynamics.

IM Academy’s Harmonic Scanner

This powerful tool utilizes advanced algorithms to identify potential trading opportunities in the market. The Harmonic Scanner helps traders spot harmonic patterns, such as the Gartley and Butterfly patterns, which can indicate potential price reversals and trend continuations.

By using the Harmonic Scanner with the knowledge gained from educational resources, traders can make more informed trading decisions and enhance their chances of success.


It has established itself as a reputable and leading platform in trading education. Through its comprehensive courses, experienced mentors, advanced tools, and supportive community, IM Academy equips traders with the skills and confidence they need to navigate the financial markets successfully. Follow this page on Instagram, for related information.


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