Randy Douthit Is An Extremely Successful Film Maker

If you want to know more about the TV industry, just ask Randy Douthit. He strongly believes that the future of the TV industry is promising.

Randy Douthit has worked in the TV industry for several years. He has produced and directed several films. Many people are unaware that he has been involved with producing Larry King Live.

Did you know that he has also been involved with producing Judge Judy? He has even met this prominent judge in person. Since Judge Judy is viewed by thousands of people, he was honored to have the opportunity to produce Judge Judy.

He played a major role in producing Judge Justice. As a matter of fact, this television program is highly rated among viewers. The television program was launched a couple of years ago. He actually has many years of experience producing courtroom television. He is extremely happy with the success of this courtroom television show.

If you want to watch this television show, you will need to view it during the daytime. You will probably appreciate the fact that Judge Judy’s granddaughter is in this show. There will even be a second season soon because the show has been extremely successful.

According to this successful producer and director, the TV industry is not like it was in the 1980s. He knows that tabloid stories aren’t the most credible. These types of stories are mostly about car crashes and celebrity gossip.

Even though the TV industry sometimes has a bad reputation, it’s definitely not all bad. He believes that this industry does a great job of creating films that people will actually like. During the pandemic, there many films that were produced. Many people enjoyed watching these films because it gave them something to do at home.

When it comes to his business, he likes to dream big. He thinks it’s a good idea to learn from the mistakes in the film industry and go forward. He is extremely excited about the future of the film industry.

He prides himself in being an extremely fast-thinker and quick worker.